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Business IT Services

Serving the greater Atlanta Metro Area, we provide Information Technology Services, including Custom Software Development,
to small to medium sized organizations.

...particularly to organizations who rely on technology to do business, but are not technology companies, per-se.

Available services include...


Emerging companies, you know your business needs, but implementing the right technology infrastructure to support them can be difficult. Common design challenges include:

  • Reliability - Minimize failures, but recover quickly when something does go wrong.
  • Maintainability - Technology changes quickly. Be prepared to update regularly, upgrade periodically, and migrate if necessary.
  • Scalability - As your organization grows, your infrastructure should be designed to grow with it.
  • Security - Protect your critical systems from hackers across the internet and from malware on your own network.

Striking the right balance between reliability, maintainability, scalability, security, and cost is tricky. Sometimes the most straightforward solution isn't the most cost-effective, and once you've committed to an IT strategy, it can take a lot of work to change.

Let us design and build out your network and computer systems infrastructure. By leveraging commercial and open source technologies, virtualization, and the right combination of local and cloud hosting, we can develop the right solution for you.


Ok, so maybe you already committed to an IT strategy, but it's not turning out to be as reliable, maintainable, scalable, or secure as you imagined. Or maybe it's just turning out to be too expensive. Let us make the right changes to get your technology infrastructure back on track.


Upgrades can be quite a challenge. Hardware compatibility issues can be difficult to solve and software interdependencies can be complex.

A classic case:

  • The new version of a piece of software you use has a great new feature.
  • But, the new version requires a modern version of the database.
  • And, the modern version of the database requires an operating system upgrade.
  • And, you have several other pieces of software that use the same database, which might not work with the new version.

Where do you start? How can you ensure business continuity during the process? What if something goes wrong? There is no one solution, nor single skill set key in developing one. Let us sort this out for you.


Sometimes, general modernization of an organization's network and computer systems infrastructure may be due.

  • Do you have a motley collection of aging computers that are difficult to find parts for?
  • Do you have noisy fans that you'd like to replace, but you're nervous about rebooting the machine?
  • Are you keeping old systems around to host software that just won't run on a modern platform?
  • Has a proposed upgrade sent you down such a rabbit hole that you've been putting it off, over and over?

If any of this sounds familiar then your infrastructure may be a good candidate for modernization.

As with upgrades, there is no one solution. Let us combine virtualization and conventional upgrade strategies to modernize your systems and restore them to satisfying levels of reliability, maintainability, scalability, and security.


Maybe an upgrade doesn't appear logistically challenging, just expensive. In these situations there can be opportunities to migrate from commercial technologies to free and open source operating systems, software and databases.

As with upgrades and modernization, there is no one solution, and some solutions may require custom software development. But, migrating to open source technologies can save money, especially when considering the potential cost of future upgrades.

Software Installations

Do you need to install a piece of software with complex dependencies on other software, systems, or databases?

New installations can pose challenges similar to the challenges posed by upgrades. Let us sort this out for you.

Custom Software Development

Custom software can improve business processes through automation.

You probably already know of a business process that is tedious and error prone, that you'd love to automate, but classic examples include:

  • Providing automatically-generated, online reports for your customers.
  • Importing data from partners or clients into an existing system.
  • Exporting data from an existing system to partners or clients.
  • Integrating your e-commerce system with your accounting system.
  • Integrating your accounting system with an existing custom system.
  • Converting an unweildy collection spreadsheets and documents into a database with a multi-user, web-based interface.

Automation enables organizations to scale well. Let us automate your business processes with custom software.

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